About Us

Hard Metal was formed in 1975 and over the past 47 years we have developed a unique understanding of the needs of the Irish Engineering Industry. Throughout our history we have promoted and developed high quality brands, working with Customers and Suppliers alike to bring the latest technology to the market.
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Focus on Cost Reduction The long term survival of the engineering industry depends on our ability to compete with others operating from lower cost countries. Recent market demands have made us all focus on real cost reduction through increased productivity. This requires talented people with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to apply new ideas and innovations as quickly as possible. Hard Metal has therefore put in place project teams with extensive experience in the application of cutting tools and abrasives to work with you, our customers, on projects large and small - seeking better and faster ways to produce parts and maximise productivity.

Matrix This unique hardware & software solution ensures that all inventory is traced from the moment it arrives at your stores until it is issued to the shop floor. Reporting of usage by Machine, Cell, Department, Shift, etc. is tailored to each individual's needs.

ISO9001-2008 Hard Metal is proud to be one of the first distribution companies to be awarded the ISO9000 quality system certification, gained in 1995. We currently hold the ISO9001-2008 quality standard.