What We Offer

Our philosophy is built around fostering success in Irish manufacturing. Through a focus on cost reduction we help companies maximise productivity and improve output.  Benchmarking and analysis of existing processes allow us to present technology improvements and innovative ideas to get the most from your machining and finishing. Our 40-year track record in providing solutions for major manufacturing projects throughout Ireland is second to none.
Hard Metal Team

Market leaders: Some of the Hard Metal team

At Hard Metal, we sell complete tooling solutions backed by the most accomplished network of technical engineers and suppliers in Ireland. We advise you on the best and most efficient tooling strategies – both in terms of reduced cycle-times and machine tool optimisation. Because of the relationships we have cultivated with key suppliers over many years, we have access to project teams that specialise in detailed tool layouts and time studies, driven to presenting savings and machining strategies in a simple and professional manner. These documents, generated from 3D models of customer parts, allow us to clearly demonstrate our approach to cost reduction and innovative tool application.
  • We partner with medical manufacturers through the validation process and onto full production
  • We partner with aerospace engineering manufacturers – both primary, tier one and tier two – helping them improve their competitiveness and win repeat orders
  • We partner with subcontractors in a wide range of industries including oil & gas, drilling, hydraulic pumps, moulds, fluid control & more, upgrading processes with the latest cutting and grinding technologies