Supporting first ADSI event for aerospace manufacturers

Hard Metal were delighted to be part of the first ADS Ireland event hosted at Ballyneety Golf Club in Co Limerick on September 30. The event was to establish the level of interest of engineering companies in the development of ADS in Ireland. ADSI would support the activities of all aerospace, aviation and aeronautical business in Ireland, lobbying government bodies to help grow the sector and promote Ireland as a centre of excellence in the aerospace manufacturing industry worldwide. Attendees heard speakers outline the potential benefits of ADSI within Ireland, and everyone had a chance to meet with the speakers and network with other guests. adsi_hardmetalflyer_3airbus-forecast-graphic boeing-forecast-graphicThe aerospace industry is a global business with its commercial sector alone estimated at a value approaching $300bn. Passenger flights are expected to increase 5% per year over the next 20 years which will contribute to increases in aircraft production, while improvements in aircraft technology, particularly fuel efficiency, will drive growth in aircraft replacement continuing the upward projection of order numbers. Boeing has forecast that it will produce 147 new aircraft every month between 2013 and 2032 — that’s 35,280 aircraft worth $4.8 trillion. During the same period Airbus is expecting to produce 122 new aircraft per month, or 29,200 worth $4.4trillion. Ireland — already a global player in aircraft leasing — has an opportunity to harness its technical knowledge and manufacturing expertise to secure work associated with this remarkable growth in the aerospace industry. Hard Metal looks forward to working with ADSI members to help achieve this.