Following the success of SPINJET products - coolant driven high speed compact spindles for small diameter tools - ISCAR is introducing the SPINJET-GREEN LINE (TJS GJET) family of high speed spindles The new family is a step ahead in developing advanced small-sized spindles operated by the coolant supply system of a machine tool Features
  • A broad range of output rotational speed: 35000-55000 rpm
  • A new improved bearing system:
    • New bearing system design
    • Increased number of bearings: 3 bearings inside vs. 2 in SPINJET TJS 20K, 30K and 40K spindles
    • New bearing seal
    • New bearing lubricant featuring greater viscosity and additive agents
  • A new shaft lock mechanism
Economical Advantages
  • Upgrades existing CNC machine to a high speed milling (HSM) performer at a fraction of the cost of dedicated high speed machines
  • Boosts productivity - shortens production time and cuts costs
  • Quick ROI
  • Simple and easy to integrate - no pre-installation or external feed lines
  • Compact – no size restriction due to added parts or power feeds, fits ATC or turret
  • Cuts utility costs such as compressed air and electricity
  • Uses the machine’s own coolant as a pressurized power source
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