Matrix Tool Vending – Version 6 – Doing it Right !

MATRIX is a total tool management system that controls inventory, streamlines purchasing and drives down costs. MATRIX combines the world's most innovative automated too l dispenser with powerful management software. Access to an item stored in locked bins is electronically controlled by the management software according to pre-defined authorisations.


Download Matrix Product Brochure The new MATRIX Series 6 has been launched as a further refinement in design and functionality in this unique series. There are more cabinet options available, including the DLS economical solution with flexible drawer partitions.
  • Matrix MAXI stands tall with a large capacity, a surprisingly small footprint and sleek, ergonomic design.  Secure with electronically locked drawers & bins.
  • Matrix MINI is super compact and can go just about anywhere, sitting atop a workbench, lockable MATRIX trolley or DLS 4D.  Secure with electronically locked drawers & bins.
  • (Each of the above cabinet models is offered as a TOUCH (with touch screen and PC) or POD version, and both versions connect directly to the network or can be linked together)
  • DLS 4D is a semi-secure 4 drawer cabinet for supplementary storage or for use as a base for a MINI cabinet.
  • DLS 8D is an economical solution with flexible drawer partitions, a semi-secure cabinet with 8 electronically locked drawers.
  • TOOLPORT dispenses single inserts with 100% accountability and is available in 4 drawer & 8 drawer models.
All Matrix MINI & MAXI machines come with modular drawer and bin configurations that can be swapped in & out, giving you almost infinite flexibility. Add-on cabinets are connected with a click of a cable. Multiple cabinets can be deployed in different locations and networked to run from one common database. Easy to use touch screen application to issue and return items matrix-6-mini
  • Drives MAXI, MINI & DLS cabinets
  • Search items by group, text, numeric, application, picture and favourites
  • Control access to tools by user group, job, part no. and budget
  • Prompts for alternative or related items
  • Connects to electronic catalogs and tool selection apps
  • Shopping basket for speedy issue of multiple items
  • Alerts for stock shortages or discrepancies
  • 26 Languages available
  • One database for multiple sites and cabinets
  • Matrix can be accessed by Keypad, your existing magnetic stripe or barcode badges, or using a biometric fingerprint reader (recommended).
Compremx4hensive PC application to manage your entire stock of tools, gauges & MRO
  • Full item & supplier maintenance including prices, stock levels, locations, technical data and usage history
  • Complete suite of standard and advanced reports - view & save in Excel, HTML, PDF or smartphone format & deliver automatically by e-mail
  • Sophisticated planning engine
  • Analyzer dashboard for instant access to KPIs
  • Track serial items and gauge movement & calibration
  • Export / Import interface with ERP systems
  • Link photos & documents to items
  • Manage rework process