Iscar CEO: ‘Industry 4.0 will involve less metal removal at faster speeds’

The CEO of Iscar has said that less metal removal at faster speeds will be one of the hallmarks of Industry 4.0 – the so-called fourth industrial revolution.

Iscar CEO: Jacob Harpaz

Speaking at a product launch for his company’s new Logiq range of tools, Jacob Harpaz also said that Iscar is expecting to handle far more of its tools sales through vending machine systems such as Matrix, as manufacturers integrate more efficient e-commerce supply and distribution in smart factories.

“By 2030 there will be big changes in the automotive sector, for example,” Mr Harpaz said. “The major OEMs are moving away from the internal combustion engine which will mean much less metal removal will be required. There will be wider use of composite materials and the introduction of 3D printing will also mean less metal removal. At Iscar we are preparing for these changes. Cutting tools will have to adapt to remove less metal but at much faster speeds and feeds.”

“The cutting tool can have a huge impact on productivity. Not every company can buy the latest machine tools but changing to our cutters means the tools can run at very high speeds with a minimum of downtime.”

He added: “We are moving into an era of e-commerce and distribution and inventories with vending machines. In the US, the large majority of our cutting tool sales come through our vending machine systems. Industry 4.0 is not just about cutting process data, tool monitoring and sensors – it’s also about the most efficient supply and distribution.”

Iscar’s new Logiq range offers an array of machining solutions for applications in parting off, turning, milling and drilling.

The four main product areas are LogiqGrip, LogiqTurn, LogiqMill and LogiqDrill. Contact Hard Metal for more information about Iscar’s Logiq range and the Matrix 6 series of tool vending machines.