Helping you cut costs

Supplying precision cutting tools and abrasives is, not surprisingly, a pretty precise business – and finding the right tools and best manufacturing processes can mean the difference between success and failure for a company’s reputation – and its balance sheet. Hard Metal, in partnership with our supplier network, customises tooling processes that are designed to cut your manufacturing cycle-times and costs. Through the application of our 40 years' experience, our technical expertise and supplier knowledge and support, we work with our customers to establish real savings through productivity and intelligent tool choices.
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So how does it work?
  • You get a brief or drawing for a new component or product
  • You contact Hard Metal to talk about the best, most efficient way to manufacture the component
  • Hard Metal’s technical sales engineers work with you to determine:
    • What tools should be used
    • How quickly can it be made
    • How fast can we run the machine to make this part
    • After all, making a component faster is effectively making it cheaper
  • Hard Metal then looks to match your requirements with our global network of suppliers
    • We look for the best, most advanced and proven tools
    • We test their effectiveness – harnessing our expertise, your expertise and that of the R&D engineering teams at our suppliers.
  • We provide a projected cost-savings analysis for customers based on:
    • The evaluation of their component manufacturing processes
    • A detailed cycle-time analysis