RhinoRush boost for machining operations

TaeguTec has released two new features for its highly successful RhinoRush line of small and strong inserts and holders. One is a screw clamping type boring bar, the other is the ML chip breaker. The new range of boring bars with the screw clamping function is available to suit C, T, V and W shape RhinoRush inserts. Continue reading

Screw clamps give reinforced blades extra strength

TaeguTec has launched a new reinforced type blade with screw clamping for additional strength in parting and grooving applications. The new T-Clamp Ultra Plus TGBR/L type blades are thicker than the current line making them perfectly suited for machines equipped with main and sub-spindles as well as in long overhang machining using multiple spindles. Continue reading

Spade Rush: TaeguTec launches new high productivity head changeable drill

Leading tungsten carbide tools manufacturer TaeguTec has introduced a new drilling line for large diameter hole applications. The Spade Rush has an optimized cutting edge and unique rigid clamping which generates higher productivity and outstanding performance. It is available as a standard drill in 3xD and 5xD for a diameter range from 26.0mm to 41.0mm. Continue reading