Albrecht unveils precision chuck innovations

German specialist tool manufacturer Albrecht Precision Chucks has released a completely new catalogue detailing all the company’s latest innovations. APC_Buch_englisch_chuck_routThe APC Book 2017/2018 can be viewed by clicking here. Product innovations include: Albrecht, which in 1932 invented the world’s first keyless self-tightening drill chuck, states that the new APC is currently the best performing chuck worldwide in the areas of speed, tool life and safety. APC_Buch_englisch_chuck_4 The company states that the precision chuck offers strong clamping force due to the assemblage of its collet and taper, while its life advantage is a result of the excellent vibration dampening and highly precise accuracy. Users can expect a higher chip removal rate, considerably longer tool life and 100% process reliability. Contact Hard Metal for more information about Albrecht’s range of precision chucks.