Albrecht is the leading producer of the world’s most consistently accurate chucks. The company has a tradition of unmatched quality and innovation stretching back more than 100 years in the production of: APC_Buch_englisch_chuck_rout
  • Keyless Drill Chucks
  • Keyless Drill Chucks with Integral Shank
  • CNC Drill Chucks with CAT, BT, and HSK Shanks
  • Drill Chucks with Diamond-Coated Jaws
  • Drill Chucks for Medical & Surgical applications
  • Stainless Steel Drill Chucks for EDM Applications
All Albrecht Precision Drill Chucks, except for the Key-Lock models, incorporate a unique self-tightening feature that causes them to grip drills tighter as more torque is applied. The Albrecht APC is currently the world’s best performing chuck in the area of speed, tool life and safety. Its tremendous gripping torque, high precision accuracy, and simple, safe operation mean that users can expect a higher chip removal rate, considerably longer tool life and 100% process reliability for all common machining tasks such as:APC_Buch_englisch_chuck_4
  • Heavy-Duty Roughing
  • Hard Milling
  • Precision Finish Milling
  • High Speed Cutting
  • Mold-making
  • Drilling
  • Reaming
  • Tapping
Company profile Founded in 1908, and with a 1933 patent for the very first keyless self-tightening drill chuck, Albrecht prides itself in continually improving its products in order to achieve the best possible technical standards. All Albrecht chucks are built with the best steel and with all essential parts hardened. At the company’s factory, located outside of Stuttgart, Germany, in-process air gauges and custom test fixtures are used to inspect all components throughout each step of the manufacturing process to ensure quality and accuracy. Contact Hard Metal for more information about Albrecht’s range of precision chucks, or visit