We offer a comprehensive suite of grinding and finishing solutions, along with the support of our own technical specialist with many years of abrasives application experience in a cross section of industries. Our product range includes bespoke CBN grinding wheel sets, polishing mops and compounds, grinding wheels & segments as well as cartridge rolls, dressing sticks and everyday items such as handy rolls and emery sheets.

As part of our commitment to bringing you a reduction in cost per part, we can also offer an innovative benchmarking process known as the Grinding Knowledge System (GKS).

This unique system, developed by abrasives specialists CGW, is used by Hard Metal to help us find the best products to use and the most efficient machining parameters to get the most cost-effective results.











Saint-Gobain Zirpro

How does it work? The GKS is a simple yet powerful tool that measures the power consumption in the wheelhead motor of a production grinding machine. This gives valuable information as to how the grinding cycle is behaving. The GKS can also measure wheelhead and table displacement, providing even more information on the grinding process.

Benefits of the system include:
  • Cycle Time Reduction
  • Lower Wheel Consumption
  • Wheel Optimization
  • Accurate revision of Dressing process
All findings are reported in a user-friendly graph which details where our recommendations have improved the process or identified bottlenecks, excessive load or dressing issues.

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